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Attendance policy

Parents or carers of children of compulsory school age are responsible for ensuring their child attends school every day.

Attendance is recorded for every lesson at Aurora. As a parent or caregiver you are responsible for ensuring your child attends school every day unless your child:

  • has an unavoidable medical or dental appointment (preferably these should be made after school or during holidays), or
  • is required to attend a recognised religious holiday, or
  • is required to attend an exceptional or urgent family circumstance (such as attending a funeral), or
  • is sick, or has an infectious illness.

Your child needs to attend school regularly to meet the course requirements.

If you are having difficulty getting your child to attend school regularly, you might like to talk to the principal.

If your child has to be absent from school for any reason, including arriving late or leaving early, please either let your your Aurora College Coordinator coordinator know or email us at or phone us on 1300 287 629 as soon as possible and within seven days.

Exemption from Attendance

A Certificate of Exemption must be obtained through the home school Principal if your child cannot attend for the following reasons. This may include:

  • Health of your child
  • Public health direction
  • Participation in elite arts and sports events
  • Employment
  • School based programs

If the exemption for attendance is greater than 100 days the you must seek approval from the Director. In the case where your child is granted a Certificate of Exemption we require a copy via the Aurora College Coordinator and will consider and support the student to maintain their attendance in Aurora classes offsite, if it is in the student’s best interests and appropriate supervision is able to be provided.

A Certificate of Extended Leave must be obtained through their home school Principal if you wish to seek permission for such leave as travel. This verification should be communicated to Aurora College staff via the Aurora College Coordinator.

You can access more information regarding School Attendance by clicking on this link. Further information can also be accessed regarding Compulsory School Attendance and the Departments School Attendance Policy.

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